Monday, May 28, 2012

Braddon Snape and Josh White/ Media Release

Page | 1 Media Release for immediate release ABSENCE Is an exhibition of new work by internationally recognised Artists Braddon Snape and Joshua White The compelling thing about great art is that it asks doesn’t profess to have the answers. Snape has recently returned from a residency at the International Sculpture Festa in Seoul, Korea where he produced a large scale Public Artwork and has now returned to create a new body of work intimate in scale, whilst White has been invited to exhibit at Utrecht University, Netherlands in June. Now, they are about to hit Sydney for their latest exhibition opening on Thursday
, 31st May until 12th June 2012 at Kaleidoscope Gallery. is only twenty five years old yet has contributed to over fifteen solo and group exhibitions in Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney. He will also exhibit internationally at The University of Utrecht, Netherlands June this year. White has created portrait paintings of musicians in the midst of playing their instruments and has paired the paintings with individual soundscapes. "Music is the universal language. I observed that if I separated the visual and audio aspects of a musician performing it would highlight their primordial origins. Visually I have removed the apparatus in which aids them in creating sound to focus on their animalistic facial expressions. The audio element creates another aspect that reveals the similarities between music and primal sounds. Combining these two sensory components comments on the simple fact that even within the most intellectual and complex of tasks like playing an instrument, basic human instinct is where it is all derived from. This body of work intents to remind us of our primordial origins." Braddon Snape
Tiny bronze figures stand in isolation, or, in apathetic groups on white terrazzo tableaux, and each perform their role as individual components or players within an austere existential theatre, that is, as Snape suggests, a performance of selected moments played out in one’s psyche.
is known for his large scale, minimalist abstract works in Sculpture by the Sea and for Public Commissions in Australia and Internationally such as his recent residency in Korea. Snape has now turned the tables on us, and ironically in this exhibition (with the title of Absence) he has now introduced the figure into his silent, minimal spaces. "In a time when answers for almost anything are readily available, at any time, at a ‘click’, artists provide respite. I won’t give you the answers. It is that which is not stated or depicted in these works that consolidates the content. It is the mystery, the unknown, the unanswerable that invigorates the scholar.
It is the absence of a complete narrative that is the strength of these works…….the unknown….…the unexplained…….the questions posed.......the space to muse."
Joshua White Phone: 0422 138 136
Braddon Snape Phone: 0417 492 655
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