Monday, May 28, 2012

Lezlie Tilley's A Poetry of Infinite Possibilities

Connection.  It can be structural, sexual, or spiritual.  It binds, it relates, it creates familiarity. Connection is the basis of life, of science, of nature. These vast structures of design are all around us, all of the time, yet we cannot always see them.

Following on from methodology created in her series, An A-less Novel, Lezlie Tilley expands this concept of exposure to literature.  In her current work, each set of six panels demonstrates her process.  Beginning with a loved and tattered book of Robert Burn’s poetry given to her by her grandmother, Tilley has selected the 28-stanza poem, Hallowe’en. Each canto is explored and represented by six panels. The first shows a stanza of the poem in its pure state. In panel two punctures in the paper signify the location of each vowel.  Panel three demonstrates what the poem would be like without its essential vowels. The fourth is a complex design created by connecting the points where the vowels used to be.  The fifth and sixth panels are the antithesis of each other; one a graphite ‘shadow’ of the design, the other its negation. Each panel is an exploration, each a work of beauty and grace.

Tilley is a visionary who allows us to view what exists all around us—the essential structures that escape our naked eye. Her concept and implementation exposes shapes created by positive and negative spaces above, below, and within these vast poetic connections.

Vast connections they are—A Poetry of Infinite Possibilities.

Laura Wilson

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