Friday, September 01, 2006

Workshop Week

Workshop week is exactly what it sounds like, an annual event at the Newcastle Art School, where normal classes are suspended and we get into a range of intensive and extensive specialist workshops. We mix students from various levels and disciplines and include other special activities. This year we have had an underlying theme of the Green Corridor, prompted by a grant to explore this theme in our workshop week and to set up an exhibition in 2007 ( more on this later or in another Blog). Monday had us at the Dickson Park Surf Club for a range of guest speakers who spoke on their art practices or on environmental issues. Tuesday and Wednesday saw us going out on buses to visit various sites in the green corridor around Newcastle, some intrepid types even camped overnight at Mnt Vincent. And over Wednesday, Thurdsay and Friday various workshops have been happening at our Hunter Campus and generally around the place. We have a heap of photos from these workshops and will they will form art of entries right here. Picuted here is Michael Bell at the Newcastle Region Art Gallery where his group played with large scale drawings under the theme "Life+Sex+death". The drawings are now in our upper gallery space at the Art School.

Frankly workshop week can be hard to organise and require a lot of energy and flexibility from our staff. However I feel the effort is worth it, there is some great work produced and hopefully a few more creative seeds planted that will grow and bear fruit down the track.

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