Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Newcastle Art School facilties are equipped with the latest technology as well as the traditional tools and equipment of the artist.
  • Three Drawing studios each of which can support over 15 students for research, experimental drawing and life drawing. The studios are backed by an extensive store of indiosyncratic objects, plaster casts and zoological specimens.
  • Two Painting studios with full ventilation and painting racks.
  • Printmaking facilities for screen printing, etching, relief printing, lithography. Our printmaking area includes full extraction and dedicated rooms for acids, screen cleaning, screen exposure, graining and other facilities alongside the studios.
  • Design room.
  • Photography Lab including Analogue (wet) darkroom, alternative process areas and Digital Photography lab equipped with G5 Macs and large format printer and scanner.
  • Sculpture facility includes general purpose space, metal fabrication area for welding and casting, woodworking space and external area.
  • Dedicated Arts Library.
  • As of second semester 2006 we will also have an art gallery which will not only showcase the work of our students but involve them in the presentation and running of a professional art gallery.

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