Wednesday, June 04, 2014

MINE! Memories from Childhood

MINE! and i want it NOW!

Opening tonight, Wednesday 4 June 5:30pm  by Julie Baird Deputy Director Newcastle Museum, is our exhibition of objects connected with childhood.
The students in the Certificate IV Library, Information and Cultural Services - specialising in Museums and Galleries, have curated this exhibition featuring a bewildering range of toys, objects, games, books and other objects all associated with childhood. 
Fittingly for the project the objects are, mostly, old, antiques and fabulous. It is a perfect exhibition to test your memory of 1960s footy cards, Romper Room and Tonka toys.
And be sure to be here for our special guest Big Dog from 6- 6:30pm. The opening will have to finish by 7:30pm because that is bedtime, right Big Dog?

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