Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Artifacts Aired: Objects from the personal collections of Newcastle Art School staff

Artifacts Aired explores the objects that staff of Newcastle Art School, and members of the Newcastle art community collect and the stories behind those objects.

The items contributed vary greatly in value, age, origin and medium, although the link they share is that of the personal significance to the collector.

Whether it be a direct relation to the artist's practice or professional career, a link to a colleague or friend from the past, a treasured family heirloom or an interest completely outside of the collector's professional life, the objects on display are all worthy to be deemed collectable, and we are lucky to have so many of these hidden treasures in one space.

As well as the oppportunity to peek briefly into the personal lives of our exhibiting artists and teachers, the avid collector can pick up some tips on where to source additions to their own collections.

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