Friday, April 01, 2011

A day at the beach.

1st year Diploma Fine Arts students had a day at Merewether beach. We had the Merewether Surf Club booked so that we could meet and chat and view images. Mostly though we drew and sculpted in various forms on the beach. Braddon Snape and Lezlie Tilley took students along the south end past the baths to work with the range of forms on the beach, turning them into small sculptural forms, engaging in a play between the forms and the elements. Peter Lankas and Maizie Turner worked with those drawing on the beach and baths.

The weather blew the water and sky into many tortured shapes and patterns and we had some good discussions about nature patterns, the poetics of natural forms and the meaning we draw from these things.

Critically we all opened our eyes a little more and developed our sensitivity to things that we take for granted or pass quickly by - emphasising the work of the artist to examine and reflect on these things.

John Morris took a few videos of which I will try to post a section. Images and videos taken on the day will be posted in the foyer. I think this is Brad's photo above - apologies if I am wrong.

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