Monday, October 30, 2006

Our new exhibitions are open. The 2nd year Diploma Students open this week with our photography and printmaking electives showing their work. Last exhibition featured our painters and sculptures. All the work is hung throughout our Hunter St campus and fills the place with all the students' musings. There are works that are soulful and almost shrouded, others that are soaring and playful. Upstairs you can see a series of photos that are shot in the toilets. The photographers are dominating that space. Downstairs the printmakers fill most of the ground floor. It is particularly interesting to see the work of those painters who also make prints, how a pop sensibility grows in both mediums. It will also be interesting to see who develops into what in the Advanced Diploma next year. This exhibition opens on Wednesday night, 1st November. The Advanced Diploma show opens at the end of the month. I have already had people off the street asking about sales. They know it is good work.

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